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Gormel Invest.

Founded in 2011, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Gormel Invest is a family-owned investment company, focusing in the realm of high-end technology enterprises in emergent markets.


With years of hands-on experience in the field of international investments, along with strong sense of leadership and groundbreaking investment methodologies, Gormel Invest leads its worldwide investors to high yield ROIs.

Gormel Invest's wide-spectrum of investment solutions, offered to private, business and public investors worldwide, includes profitability studies, financial consulting, investment strategy planning, portfolio management, risk management consulting, accounting services and legal consulting.
For more information about Gormel Invest's wide-range of investment services & solutions, please contact our highly professional team of investment experts at and we will get back to you shortly.

About Us


Our Mission Statement

Gormel Invest is committed to provide its investors with a wide range of investment services and solutions in the field of high-end technology ventures.
The company operates day and night to find its global clientele with high yield investment opportunities in promising startups, especially in third world and developing countries.

Our Team

Over the years, Gormel Invest has managed to bring together select professionals with extensive experience in investments in groundbreaking technological ventures.
The company's professionals, coming from the worlds of technology, marketing, business strategy, finance and investment, are investing all their energies in finding unique and potentially high-yield investment opportunities for the company's investors.
Over the years, Gormel Invest has developed strategic and tactical partnerships with top-notch investment and technology experts all over the world, enabling the company to provide its services to an international and diverse clientele.

Our Advantages

  1. Global network of strategic and business partnerships, which enables to provide the company's investors with worldwide range of investment services and solutions

  2. Tailor made investment solutions

  3. Independent and impartial decision-making process

  4. Client focused company strategy

  5. A trustworthy team, dedicated to the company's values and believes in building long term relationships with its loyal investors


Services & Solutions

Gormel Invest provides a wide-range of investment consulting services to its international clientele, with a unique expertise in the field of high-end technology ventures in emergent markets.

The company's investment services enable any investor, whether institutional, business, private or governmental, to maximize the full potential of his personal capital through high-yield investment opportunities.

In addition, Gormel Invest provides a wide-range of support services to startup companies, in which the company invests, leading them to long-term business success and high yield ROIs.

Amongst the company's core investment services are market research, profitability analysis, risk management consulting, portfolio management, legal and regulative consulting, accounting services, business development consulting, strategic planning and financing consulting services